Decisions, Not Dashboards

AI Can Help Companies Tap New Sources of Data for Analytics


Every enterprise needs AI to succeed in the modern business era. The increasing volume and complexity of business data is driving the adoption of artificial intelligence in business analytics tools to help organizations extract actionable insights from large, complex datasets and deliver actionable recommendations that help front-line workers make better business decisions, faster.

Download the Harvard Business Review article “AI Can Help Companies Tap New Sources of Data for Analytics,” to learn about decision intelligence, a new generation of analytics that incorporates AI and contextual intelligence to accelerate the path from data to decisions.

Gain insight into:

  • How you can get deeper insights 10X faster and eliminate your BI backlog
  • The competitive advantage of automating analytics with AI
  • Why AI-powered decision intelligence is a critical investment for modern businesses

“87% of survey respondents say their organization will be more successful when frontline workers are empowered to make important decisions in the moment.”  
Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, Feb/20


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