Decision Intelligence

The Secret Weapon for Data-Driven Organizations

Toggling for hours between dashboards and spreadsheets can leave you with more questions than answers. Business leaders spend 37% of their time making decisions, yet 58% of business leaders use gut-feel for decisions.*

What if there was a way to get real answers from your data?

With Decision Intelligence, you can get very specific recommendations on the next best action based on your data – and know how your decisions impact other parts of the business.

  • Delivers prescriptive actions rather than a bunch of dashboards and disparate insights
  • Weighs multiple variables and inputs from machine learning models
  • Helps you understand the real-time impact of decisions

    Source:  Mckinsey Decision Making in the age of urgency survey, 2018 and (2) BI Survey, 2020


Companies should pursue decision intelligence solutions to expand access to data and to provide actionable, contextualized, and personalized insights to employees.

- Amalgam Insights, July 2021


Why diwo?

diwo is the leading Decision Intelligence platform for delivering business value from analytic investments.

Leverage existing data fabric and AI/ML models

ICONS_01_Leverage existing AI-ML models
diwo utilizes all your existing analytic investments to sense opportunities and risks

Go beyond dashboards with recommendations

ICONS_02_Actionable with Recommendations
All the insights are synthesized automatically to provide specific business recommendations

Empower business leaders to make better decisions

ICONS_03_Immediate Business Impact
Instead of sifting through insights, leaders can make faster decisions that lead to immediate business value

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