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Graduating Beyond Dashboards with Decision Intelligence:Get Immediate Business Return with AI-Powered Recommendations

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With adoption rates hovering around 20% for decades, it’s time for the BI industry to embrace a new paradigm of data analysis and decision-making for the non-technical business user. Enter Decision Intelligence (DI). Organizations are shifting to DI in order to eliminate the long, manual analysis process and biases inherent in legacy BI approaches. Additionally, DI delivers timely, data-driven, contextual recommendations at the point of decision in a way that is intuitive for business users, further accelerating their ability to act decisively.  

This Amalgam report, Graduating Beyond Dashboards with Decision Intelligence: Get Immediate Business Value with AI-Powered Recommendations, provides a clear, business-oriented discussion of decision intelligence and what it takes to succeed. It explains why organizations need to evolve beyond BI and reduce analytic bottlenecks that delay decision-making.

Read the report and gain insight into:

  • How DI differs from BI 
  • The underlying technology that makes Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform so powerful  
  • How AI-powered decision-making increases business agility, frontline productivity
    and business value

Amalgam Insights estimates that the scalability of decision intelligence combined with the breadth of use cases that are covered within decision intelligence will make this capability the most valuable new addition to enterprise analytics environments over the next decade." - Hyoun Park, Amalgam Insights Analyst

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