Decisions, Not Dashboards

The Era of Decision Intelligence Empowering Employees with AI-Powered Recommendations


The next wave of business intelligence (BI) is here - moving beyond static reports and dashboards towards the automation of complex data analysis and the timely delivery of actionable recommendations. Progressing from “data to decisions” requires answers to what happened, why metrics changed, and how to improve outcomes. Only decision intelligence can get you there.

This analyst report, The Era of Decision Intelligence: Empowering Employees with AI-Enhanced Business Insight, provides a clear, business-oriented discussion of decision intelligence and what it takes to succeed. It explains why organizations need to evolve beyond BI and what is required to take full advantage of decision intelligence platforms to gain insight faster and accelerate business outcomes in new and impactful ways.

Read the report and gain insight into:

  • How Diwo uses your current data fabric and ML models to deliver rapid time-to-value 
  • How Diwo provides answers to What is happening, to Why things happen and How to drive desired outcomes
  • How AI-powered decision making increase business agility and frontline productivity

“ Diwo’s patented technology leverages a business semantic graph to understand user context, correlate insights from multiple models and identify the most relevant and impactful opportunities automatically.”


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